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The Washington Fair Trade Coalition (WFTC) is a coalition of over 60 Washington labor, faith, environmental, farmer, and social justice groups that are committed to creating a fair, balanced, and sustainable global trading system.

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WFTC Fair and Just Trade Vision Paper

Washington Fair Trade Coalition’s vision paper expresses what good trade policy would look like. The trade justice community is often characterized as saying no to trade agreements. The Coalition wanted to produce a set of positive principles for trade advocacy on...

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Today is the last official day of Grassroots Funding Week! Thanks to your generous donation, we have once again raised our goal to $3,500. We are only $130 away from reaching our goal and would greatly appreciate your support!Support our work here: www.mightycause.com/story/WftcgfwThe fundraising page will continue to accept donations through the weekend, so please share with you networks!!Thank you so much for an extremely successful Grassroots Funding Week.#nonprofit #fairtrade #grassrootsfundingweek2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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We’re so close to reaching our fundraising goal. We only need another $130 to reach our goal and we need your help!Can we count on you to help us reach our Grassroots Funding Week goal? Your funds will go directly towards our education and mobilization efforts ahead of trade negotiations coming to Seattle in August.Find our fundraising page here: www.mightycause.com/story/WftcgfwThank you for your support!#nonprofit #fairtrade #grassrootsfundingweek2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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Our fundraising goal at the beginning of this Grassroots Funding Week was $1000. Thanks to your generous donations, we have far surpassed our goal with half of the week left! What an incredible testament to the importance of our trade justice organizing.Please click here to help us reach our new goal of $3000. Every donation, no matter the amount, is critical to our organizing work this year. With trade negotiations coming to Seattle this summer, it is more important now than ever to mount a strong trade justice campaign!Support our work here: www.mightycause.com/story/Wftcgfw, and thank you to everyone who has donated!#nonprofit #fairtrade #grassrootsfundingweek2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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Today, we are being highlighted by our recent granter, the Peace Development Fund, as part of Grassroots Funding Week. The Washington Fair Trade Coalition works to build a just economy by confronting neoliberal economic systems that put corporate profits over people and the planet. We work to elevate the voices most marginalized by trade – that of workers, migrants, farmers, environmental activists and many more. Our organizing work is founded on the principles of international solidarity, that all of our voices are stronger together and that we all benefit from working jointly to create a fair and sustainable global trading system. Support our work here: www.mightycause.com/story/Wftcgfw#nonprofit #fairtrade #grassrootsfundingweek2023Our featured theme for Grassroots Funding Week today is "Building a Just Economy!’The Washington Fair Trade Coalition is a coalition of over 65 labor, faith, environmental, farmer, and other social justice organizations in Seattle, WA committed to creating a fair and sustainable global trading system. Their coalition is unique as the voice of civil society, managing globalization in ways that challenge the neoliberal power structure to benefit public interests.They are active in seeking robust labor rights, ending child and slave labor, and supporting strong environmental policies and protections along supply chains to keep workers and communities safe and healthy. WFTC’s work involves broad-based education campaigns, supporting workers vulnerable to job outsourcing or forced migration, and working with state legislators and members of Congress to create policies that will improve the quality of life for everybody. To donate click here: www.mightycause.com/story/Wftcgfw ... See MoreSee Less
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WFTC is running a crowdfunding campaign as part of Peace Development Fund ’s Grassroots Funding Week! Our goal is to raise $1,000. With these funds, we hope to mount a strong fair trade campaign at upcoming trade talks in Seattle. Can you donate $10 or $20 to support our mission of creating a fair and balanced global trading system? We can’t do it without you! Click here to help us reach our goal: www.mightycause.com/story/WftcgfwHelp us spread the word by SHARING this post. #nonprofit #fairtrade #grassrootsfundingweek2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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Fair Trade Not Free Trade

What Would It Look Like?

For too long, U.S. trade policy has benefited transnational corporations
at the expense of workers’ rights, consumer safety and the environment
at home and abroad. The Washington Fair Trade Coalition, working closely
with local, national, and international partners, aims to build a new model of
trade, a model that supports our communities and our world. What could that look like?

Free Trade Facts

The Impact Of Free Trade Policy In Washington State

Manufacturing Jobs Lost in Washington State

Jobs Lost due to the Rising Trade Deficit With Mexico

Hey high school teachers and college professors! Would your class benefit from learning about free trade agreements? Contact us to schedule a date for a class visit.

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