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The Washington Fair Trade Coalition (WFTC) is a coalition of over 60 Washington labor, faith, environmental, farmer, and social justice groups that are committed to creating a fair, balanced, and sustainable global trading system.

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In large part due to a lack of transparency, we don't know what's in the new North American Free Trade Agreement. What we do know, is that they're trying to finish up the negotiations right now.

"Now is the time for progressives to speak out for a new trade policy that is neither NAFTA's neoliberalism nor Trump's nationalism."


Lori Wallach Of Public Citizen On Why We Need To Rewrite NAFTA

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On Saturday we stood in solidarity with others at the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac to protest the Zero Tolerance immigration policy.

Free trade has historically been a driver of migration between countries. As we enact global policy that makes it easier to move products and business across borders, we should revisit the guidelines that allow people to cross borders too.

#FamiliesBelongTogether #KeepFamiliesTogether #ReplaceNAFTA

For more on trade and migration: www.citizenstrade.org/ctc/trade-issues/trade-and-migratio/

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2 months ago

Washington Fair Trade Coalition

This is really helpful framing for the immigration conversation. To fix our immigration policy we will have to take close looks at the ways our foreign policy and trade policy have hurt our neighbors.

"These are families whose livelihoods have been destroyed by decades of failed economic policies led by the United States — and the local elites of those countries — making their home countries dangerous and unlivable. Unfettered free trade agreements, along with privatization of public services, are at the center of the issue. Today's immigration crisis started twenty-four years ago with #NAFTA and the flooding of cheap U.S. corn and other basic food staples into the Mexican economy. What we are seeing today at the border is a very small tip of an enormous iceberg that has been there beneath the surface for more than three decades."

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
How has failed U.S. economic policy contributed to families seeking asylum at the border?

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Free Trade Facts

The Impact Of Free Trade Policy In Washington State

Manufacturing Jobs Lost in Washington State

Jobs Lost due to the Rising Trade Deficit With Mexico

Current Free Trade policy has proven to be a losing battle for workers, farmers, and communities in WA State and around the world.

Why Should I Care?

  • Mexican farmers unable to compete with cheaper American
    corn lose their land and migrate to cities to find work in maquilladoras
    (sweatshops) or to the US and WA State as farm workers
  • 65,193 workers were certified under Trade Adjustment Assistance
    1994-2011 as directly losing their job because of US trade policy (US DoL statistics).
    positions associated with these jobs such as drivers, suppliers and
    small businesses do not qualify and are not counted.
  • Mexican farmers unable to compete with cheaper American
    corn lose their land and migrate to cities to find work in maquilladoras (sweatshops) or to the US and WA State as farm workers

Fair Trade

Not Free Trade

What Would It Look Like?

For too long, U.S. trade policy has benefited transnational corporations at the expense of workers’ rights, consumer safety and the environment at home and abroad. The Washington Fair Trade Coalition, working with local, national, and international partners, aims to build a new model of trade, a model that supports our communities and our world. What could that look like?

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