WTO Protest Commemoration – Cuz the Power of the People Don’t Stop!, Dec 1, 2007

Commemorating the 8th Anniversary of the 1999 WTO Protests

With the imminent release of the major motion picture, “Battle in Seattle”, and the City of Seattle’s $1 million settlement with WTO protesters, being distributed Dec 2007, we will gather at the Seattle Labor Temple on Dec 1, 2007 to reflect on the legacy of the WTO protests, to inspire the telling of our own stories, and to learn how the work for local and global justice continues in our region today.

The event includes presentations by: David Korten, Intl Forum on Globalization, author of “When Corporations Rule the World” and Garry Owens, Northwest LELO – Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing.  In addition, there will be great food, music, and fun!  \

Thanks to Heather Day and the Community Alliance for Global Justice for organizing this event!