Those of you who came to the December 1st TPPxBorder Action at the Peace Arch will remember Celeste’s smart, sassy and overall pro-people approach to trade. She reminded us how free trade has historically failed us and cautioned that the TPP is calling for more of the same.

In her role as the AFL-CIO’s Trade & Globalization Policy specialist, Celeste has the extremely difficult job of trying to make USTR listen to the voices of workers. So when Ron Kirk, Obama’s first term appointee to USTR stepped down, in his words ‘ to make money’ (which he no doubt will after doing the bidding of big corporations for 4 years), WFTC seized the opportunity to put forth our own candidate for President Obama to consider.

As a former public school teacher and coordinator of the Labor and Families Caucus when she worked with Rep. Linda Sanchez, Celeste knows getting trade policy right is essential for working families starting with the TPP!

President Obama-Nominate Celeste Drake as the next USTR!!!

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Learn more about Celeste’s stand on trade by visiting her blog and following her on twitter @CDrakeFairTrade