President Obama is set to introduce the biggest trade agreement since NAFTA
and WA State needs to have our voices heard!

Here is what lead trade reform advocates are saying about the proposed Korea-US Trade Agreement:

Seattle Times: US-Korea Trade Agreement is Bad for Both Countries

Korea-U.S. Deal Undercuts Civil Society
, Stan Sorscher, SPEEA-Society for Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, on Huff Post here

Korean Labor Leader Kim Kyung-Ran of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and local trade activists Spoke in Seattle in January

On Wednesday, February 23rd WFTC is urging everyone in WA State to
Call Your Elected Officials and tell them to Vote No! on the Korea-US FTA…

Sample Call-in message:

My name is………
I am a voter in your district.
I am calling to urge Rep. XXX to oppose the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement.

This trade deal is bad for working people, family farmers, consumers and the environment in WA State, the US and South Korea.

Under this agreement:

  • The US Trade Deficit with South Korea will increase, causing tens of thousands of jobs to be lost in critical WA State industries including manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and the high tech sector.
  • Products can be labeled ‘Made in Korea’ even if 2/3 of that product is Made in China or North Korea-where labor rights are not recognized.
  • International Labor Organizations Conventions are not included
  • Financial services will be further de-regulated as governments are not allowed to use capital controls to stop further financial crashes
  • Foreign investors will have more rights than people in WA State. Corporations can challenge our health, safety and environmental laws in special tribunals outside of the US courts.

For the good of WA State and the health of our industries you need to oppose this agreement and support reform of our current trade policies.  Thank-you.

WA State Congressional District Offices:
Adam Smith (9)             (253) 593-6600       
Jay Inslee (1)                 (206) 361-0233       
Jim McDermott (7)         (206) 553-7170       
Rick Larsen (2)              (425) 252-3188      
Norm Dicks (6)              (253) 593-6536       
Cathy McMorris-Rogers (5)    (509) 353-2374       
Dave Reichert (8)           (206) 275-3438
Doc Hastings (4)            (509) 543-9396        
Jaime Herrera (3)           (360) 695-6292

Organizations in WA State Against the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement:
American Federation of Government Employees 3937
Association of Pulp and Paper Workers (AWPPW)-International
Association of Pulp and Paper Workers Local 183
Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ)
Community to Community
CWA-Washington, North Idaho CWA Area Labor Council
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, District 751
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 46
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 191
Jubilee NW
Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans
Seattle Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
Society of Professional Employees and Engineers in Aeronautics (SPEEA)
Teamsters Joint Council 28
United Steelworkers District 12
Washington Association of Churches
Washington Fair Trade Coalition
Washington State Labor Council
WashTech/CWA 37083
Witness for Peace Northwest