The US-Korea FTA is being exclaimed as a ‘done-deal’, we know any deal that came out of negotiations which ‘focused on to what extent Seoul will ease safety and environmental standards‘ and only talked about job creation and not job loss is not the promised trade reform. For more information on these talks visit:

In response on Thursday, January 13th 2011, the WFTC is hosting two events with Kim Kyung-Ran, the Director of External Relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions based in Seoul, Korea.

12:00 (noon) Journalist Roundtable
6:30-9pm       Traditional Korean Dwituri for WFTC members and trade activists to share a meal with Ms. Kin Kyung -Ran and plan for our work to stop the US-Korea FTA in 2011!

(more details about these events will follow-both will be in the Seattle-Tacoma area)