On March 17th over 2,000 people rallied in Olympia to end tax breaks for special interests to promote racial and economic equity for all of Washington. It’s time for corporations and the wealthy to pay their FAIR SHARE and contribute to our shared prosperity.

Right now, Washington state gives away $6.5 billion in tax breaks for special interests like private jet owners and big Wall Street banks-resources that could be used to support state programs such as basic health care and education!

On April 5-8th, thousands of people will be going down to the Capitol for a week of actions. The WFTC has partnered with members WSLC, SEIU Local 6, Witness for Peace and the Washington Community Action Network (WaCAN), Backbone Campaign and many social justice, labor, immigrant rights and individuals across Washington State calling for an end to tax loopholes that are robbing our state of vital resources.

WE are One Days of Action!
April 6th-Community activists, teachers, students, everyone! Look for WFTC at the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ where you get to decide how your tax dollars are spent!

April 7th- Healthworkers organized by SEIU locals and allies

April 8th-Labor Rally at the Capitol-everyone invited!

For more information visit: http://wearewashington.wordpress.com/sign-up-to-attend/