This week, State legislators sent a message from Olympia to D.C.: stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The letter, signed by 23 House Democrats, is directed at members of U.S. Congress who will ultimately decide whether to approve or reject the massive trade deal.

Legislators expressed deep concerns with the much-criticized dispute settlement system, which has been used under past trade agreements to challenge public policies in Quebec, Ontario, California, and other local jurisdictions.

“The TPP seriously compromises the ability of the Washington Legislature to enact and enforce statues that bolster our local economy, guard our public health and safety, and protect our natural resources.”

Trade advisors that represent local governments have urged that the controversial investor-state dispute settlement system be removed from TPP, and the National Conference of State Legislatures opposes any trade deal that extends this flawed dispute settlement mechanism, which they argue is overly broad and often used to overturn legitimate policies and safeguards.

“Through my work abroad, I’ve seen the consequences of trade policies that fall short on strong environmental and labor protections. I lived and worked in Central America, as Honduras implemented CAFTA,” said Representative Brady Walkinshaw.  “Too many times, we haven’t gotten the balance right on environment, wages, and jobs with our trade policy.  We need trade deals that create jobs, raise wages, and protect our climate for future generations.”

Public opposition to TPP is growing in the US and other countries, as constituents recognize that bad trade policies will damage economies, block policies to address inequality and climate change, and shift power in favor of global companies at the
expense of workers, communities and the environment.

Please thank your State Legislators for taking a stand, and urge your U.S. Members of Congress to oppose TPP!