Responding to an IBEW Local 46 resolution demanding that he write a letter calling for greater transparency in the TransPacific Partnership negotiations or face losing his endorsement by the WSLC, Rep. McDermott sided with Labor and did the right thing!

Rep. McDermott sent a letter advocating for USTR to release summaries of what is being negotiated to civil society, more significant  involvement of labor, social justice and environmental groups in advising USTR throughout the negotiations, and more access to the draft texts by members of Congress!

IBEW took this strong action because Rep. McDermott has consistently voted for bad trade agreements which have cost IBEW nationally over 300,000 jobs in off-shored manufacturing.

Getting Rep. Mcdermott to take action was a victory for Labor. IBEW thanks the Congressman for being responsive, Lynne Dodson (WSLC/WFTC) for helping broker the deal and the WFTC for raising our member’s consciousness on trade issues so that we had the wherewithall to make the Resolution. I stress we have a long way to got to stop the TPP.” Nicole Grant, WSAEW Statewide Political Coordinator

Shannon Hagen, Business Rep & Organizer for IBEW Local 46 and WFTC Boardmember, also spoke to the resolution: “Brothers and Sisters, make no mistake, our intention is to STOP the TPP!  The intention (of this resolution) was to create a conversation, to start actually demanding the accountability we all talk about but never get from our politicians.  To get REAL measurable actions from our elected officials.  For us as a body to elect Leaders that Lead, not just follow.”

The WFTC as a whole shares in this game-changing victory! Well done everyone!