Fair trade activists met President Obama in Seattle on June 24, 2016. The President was in town to speak at a fundraiser for Governor Inslee.

Hundreds of donors were treated to the spectacle of the TPP Death Star, exploding oil trains, and endangered marine mammals. Demonstrators carried a consistent message: We need new trade and environment policies to deal with issues that President Obama has identified as the defining challenges of our time.

8c6bfafc-8e95-4e47-b7c8-3c1cdc45dd85Backbone Campaign’s “Localize This” activists showed up in force, and put together a banner drop for President Obama’s motorcade, as it entered Seattle from I-5, and activists from Spokane put together a mock dinner menu (TPP: What’s on the Menu) which was distributed to donors as they entered the convention center.

As we move into campaign season, we move even more visibly into the streets. The people’s stories will be told. Check out this great video of the action by Backbone Campaign!