Past Campaigns



23 years of NAFTA have shown us what effects free trade can have on the linked economies. We’re pushing for a NAFTA replacement that has strong protections for working families in all three countries and doesn’t leave the planet behind.

The Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership was a free trade agreement between 11 pacific rim countries that would have undermined workers rights, public health, and the environment. In early 2017, the United States withdrew from the agreement, but other countries continue negotiating.

Recent Free Trade Agreements

WFTC campaigned to educate our members and the public about the defeated TPP FTA – The Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement and the consequences that have come from other fair trade agreements.

Sweat free Washington

The WFTC, working with ally groups, had great success working with the City of Seattle to implement a Sweat free Purchasing Policy. Our past campaign focused on the State of Washington, where we are working with committed state legislators to repeat our success at the state level!

Trade Stories Project

We are conducting a project to collect the personal oral histories from people throughout Washington State who have lost their jobs or have otherwise suffered from America’s lopsided pro-corporate anti-worker trade policy.

Support The TRADE ACT

We are working to promote the TRADE Act, which provides a new roadmap for fair and balanced trade in a global economy.

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