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With the release of the “new” TPA bill in Congress this past week (we all know it as “Fast Track”), there has been a lot of talk coming from Senators Hatch and Wyden that this bill and much new and improved from last year’s dead on arrival Camp Baucus Bill.

This simply is not the case.

Language of the 2015 bill is almost identical to that of the 2014 bill.

Public Citizen provides an excellent analysis of the “differences” between the two bills.

To re-enforce what we asked for last year, this bill does not address:

No enforceable human rights or environmental standards. The president still unilaterally can choose trade partners regardless of known violations.

No enforceable measure for currency manipulation disciplines despite bi-partisan agreement that this issue must be addressed in future trade agreements.

There has been no compromise–the bill is not what we want to see or have ever asked to see! It simply isn’t good enough.

In addition to having your organization sign on to the letter above, please continue to call your Washington Representatives. They remain silent about this crucial.

Should one take a stand, the others should follow!

Here are their numbers:

Rep Smith: 202.225.8901

Rep DelBene: 202.225.6311

Rep Reichert: 202-225-7761

Rep Larsen: 202.225.2605

Rep Heck: 202.225.9740

Rep Kilmer: 202.225.5916

Rep McDermott: 202.225.3106

Rep McMorris-Rogers: 202.225.2006

Rep Hastings: 202.225.5816