As you may have heard from our Facebook and/or newsletter, we at the Washington Fair Trade Coalition and our allies are calling for an ALL HANDS ON DECK! stop to Fast Track. The House of Representatives is currently on recess which means our reps are home in Washington. This is an absolutely crucial moment in this fight because we expect the Representatives to vote on Fast Track very shortly after returning to DC–possibly that week.

Our Congressional delegation makes up 25% of the undecided Democrat vote on Fast Track. We want them to know everywhere they go this week that their constituents are demanding they vote NO!

There are events happening in every target district this week. You can RSVP to all of them here.

If you are with an organization that has the capacity, please consider Adopting a Day to visit any of the Rep’s offices with letters, postcards from our Day of Action or just to have your voice heard in numbers.

If we do our job right, we will keep this thing from coming to a vote any time soon. But we can’t do it without you. If you have ever been outraged by the Trans-Pacific Partnership and this undemocratic process called Fast Track, SPEAK NOW, join us or it just might be too late.

A quick summary of the events:

1. Call or email your members – ask them to call their Reps, or have them write letters.
-Sample letters are available upon request

2. Adopt a day – Have your organization adopt a day and a district (or 2, or 5) and send a delegation to talk with Reps, organize a call-in, drop postcards or letters. Please let us know if you can by the Google form or call at *206* *227* *3079*

3. Phone Bank – We’ll have phone banking with patch-through capability to let voters talk directly to their Reps. We need phone bankers!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Seattle at UFCW 21
Tuesday: Olympia at WSLC office
Wednesday: Tacoma at UFCW 367
RSVP at:http://tinyurl.com/StopFastTrackinMay

4. Office Shoe deliveries – Join us to send the message “Don’t Walk Away from Workers!” (or the environment, or our communities…) We will be gathering at the offices of Representatives who remain undecided on fast track and delivering old shoes, then hanging around for a bit. We need people! Help us recruit, come along, and bring a pair of old shoes.

In Tacoma on Wednesday there is a full day of action focused on Rep. Kilmer so if you have Tacoma members please make an extra effort to get them out on that day!
May 6, 9:30 AM -1 PM, Tacoma
9:30 AM Rep. Derek Kilmer, a key swing vote for Fast Track legislation, is speaking at a community forum “Of, By, and For the People: Taking our Democracy Back From Special Interests.” Join us to make it clear that a vote for Fast Track IS a vote for expanded corporate rights and would undermine our democracy. We must fill the room with allies who will ask tough questions on this issue!
Noon, Shoe delivery at Rep Kilmer’s Tacoma office

Other Shoe Drops:
May 7, 2 PM, Rep Kilmer’s Port Angeles office
May 8, Noon, Rep Smith’s Renton office
May 8, Noon, Rep Heck’s Lacey office
May 8, Noon, Rep DelBene’s Bothell office
May 8, Noon, Rep Larsen’s Bellingham office
RSVP at:http://tinyurl.com/StopFastTrackinMay
Facebook events listed at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1012392122153104/

In case you still missed it here is the best way to RSVP to any and all of the events this week! We’ll see you out there!