Take to the streets with the WFTC, Seattle CISPES and the Anti-Mining Coalition on May 27th at 4:00pm at Westlake Center for the International Day of Action to protest Pacific Rim’s CAFTA lawsuit against El Salvador and to call on Rep. McDermott to reform US trade policy which allows companies to sue countries which enforce their environmental laws.

Proceedings begin on May 31st in this case that will try the rights of investors to sue a country under a trade act when their practices violate the laws of that country-however they still feel entitled to profits. WFTC will be using this as an opportunity to educate on the need for real trade reform and the need to pass the TRADE Act.

Join us for lively street theater and actions at both the Canadian Consulate and Rep. Jim McDermott’s Seattle Downtown Office. While he waits, El Salvador is using its very limited resources to defend its own environmental laws in an international tribunal, taking money away from the development of its people.