FullSizeRender(2)Last week, the Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ) hosted an incredible event about how new trade agreements like the TPP undermine efforts to build a strong and healthy food movement. The event, entitled “Another Food System is Possible! But Not with the TPP!” drew a crowd of young and older faces alike, with folks representing a variety of backgrounds and organizations.

CAGJ Organizer Heather Day facilitated the event and addressed the room of bright-eyed attendees: “This is winnable. We’ve won trade agreement fights in the past. It takes education and mobilization and feeling empowered because you understand the issues.”

As people munched on an array of great snacks, Michael Righi, CAGJ member and board member of the WA Fair Trade Coalition, gave an overview on how trade agreements effect food systems. He spoke to the intersecting health, economic, and justice issues at stake under the TPP.

Attendees then broke down into three breakout groups that highlighted certain sub topics. Edgar Franks from Community to Community Development led a discussion on how the TPP would impact farm workers and food chain workers. Jill Mangaliman from Got Green? directed conversation on environmental and climate justice. Seldon Prentice of 350Seattle facilitated dialogue on what the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in the TPP means for local food sovereignty.

The groups came back together to swap thoughts and share organizing ideas. Gillian Locascio of WA Fair Trade Coalition directed reflection and attendees towards forward-moving action items that can be taken to stop the TPP. Overall, the event was a blast!