Food, Farms & the Roots of Migration: Communities Cultivating Change

Sept 21 – Oct 1, 2011
Oaxaca, Mexico

Join the WFTC, and members Witness for Peace Northwest and Community Alliance for Global Justice on an experiential delegation focused on trade and food sovereignty!
Explore the connections between U.S. trade policies and corporate practices that impact farming, food sovereignty, food availability and access, as well as immigration, across Mexico and US communities.

Meet with small farmers, indigenous groups, union leaders, Via Campesina affiliates & others struggling for justice and food sovereignty. Learn how these communities and their daily lives are impacted by NAFTA and migration. Witness the many ways communities are successfully coming together to identify and face the challenges of food security while preserving environmental and cultural values. Discover connections to your own home community. Oaxacan family homestay included.

Take action! We provide action tools and informational materials to help you bring these experiences home and deepen your trade activism. Questions? Contact Kristen at or 206.227.3079