Become a member

The Washington Fair Trade Coalition is open to any organization that meets a few simple criteria. The organization must:
  1.  Be based in Washington state, engaged in activities in Washington state, or have members in Washington state
  2.  Agree to endorse the Coalition’s mission and our Statement of Principles of Fair Trade
  3.  Agree to be listed as a member on public documents of the Coalition

Benefits of joining

By Joining us, your organization can:
  1. Get up-to-date and “insider” information about new developments in trade policy
  2. Receive education materials on trade issues specific to our state that you can use for education, lobbying, & media work
  3. Network with a wide range of allies who all care about these issues
  4. Participate in shared campaign efforts to defeat “free trade agreements” and to promote fair trade

Please contact us by email or phone (206-227-3079) if you would like your organization  to join the Washington Fair Trade Coalition.

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