In the midst of any campaign there are individuals and organization that take heroic actions that inspire all of us and remind us that we have more power than we imagine.

In the last week this distinction goes to Larry Brown, Legislative and Political Action Director of IAM-751 and all of the Machinists at Boeing. After the vote last week passing all 3 FTAs,  they uninvited Rep. Inslee and Sen. Cantwell to speak at the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League dinner which was held last Saturday, October 15th.

‘How could we introduce them and have them speak at our event when just a few days before they had voted for these trade agreements. They have to know that there is a price to pay when they vote against working families,’ Larry Brown, Legislative and Political Action Director.

It is clear our elected leaders are hearing us…now maybe they are starting to feel us too! We need to take inspiration from IAM 751 and take action to show our displeasure and make it uncomfortable for our elected leaders to consistently vote against the needs of their constituents.

Thank-you IAM 751!