…AND reinvigorated a Tri-national trade justice network.
For photos see: http://www.facebook.com/TPPxBorder

In short, the WFTC and allies shined in every way possible!!! We were powerful, creative, and amazingly inspiring. I am so honored to know you, work with you and build our collective movement towards trade justice!

We have many in the WFTC  to thank for making this day extraordinary….
Lynne Dodson (WSLC/WFTC board) for bringing the rally to life as a most dynamite MC
Rosalinda Guillen (Community to Community), Jill Mangaliman (PUSO), Darrell Moffat (AWPPW), Kathi Patula (Our WalMart) for their inspiring and brave words and calls to action on behalf of farmers and workers around the world and throughout WA
Jeff Engels (ITF/ILWU)
for arranging for the President of the New Zealand Maritime Union to Call in a Solidarity message!!!
Amy Truax (Witness for Peace), Colette Cosner (WFTC Board), Stan Sorscher (SPEEA/WFTC Board)  & Chelsea Orvella (SPEEA), Shannon Hagen (IBEW 46/WFTC Board)
-our unflagging transportation coordinators, facilitators, turn-out drivers, clean-up helpers!
Heather Day (CAGJ)
-logistics galore from food, to coffee to facilitation!
Jeff Mathias (CAGJ)-Design, development and maintenance of our fabulous TPPxBorder website
Cameron Herrington (former WFTC board/CISPES)– action oriented flyer design and creation in English and SpanishBill Moyer (Backbone Campaign) ‘Free Trade My Ass’….Flush the TPP’ visuals, message and energy!

We thank WFTC member orgs for making this event free and open to the public!
IBEW Local 46 (and they also made stickers!!)
UFCW Local 21
As well as WFSE Local 443, Citizens Trade Campaign, Council of Canadians and the AFL-CIO

….and we have immediate next steps….

Immediate Next Steps:
1) Have your organization sign on to the “North American Unity Statement” that was unveiled this weekend!  It was created by the many of the organizations that organized Saturday’s action, in addition to other anti-TPP campaigners throughout North America, as an organizing tool that we all can use to reach out to organizations in our communities.  The corporate media and elected officials are not going to spread the word about the TPP for us.  We need to do it ourselves, and this Unity Statement can help.

The goal is over 1,000 organizational signers to this statement in the coming months. I signed up the WFTC to get 200 on our own…I know we can do it!!!
Please encourage organizations and locals to add their names to the Unity Statement at the website tinyurl.com/unitystatement.

2) Are you on Twitter?Remember to follow the hashtag #StopTPP on Twitter for updates on the Unity Statement and TPP organizing in general.  You can also stay up-to-date by joining (US-focused) national briefing calls each month at tinyurl.com/tppcalls.

3) Sign the Avaaz petition and get us to the 1 million mark before 8 December 2012 – the National Day of Action for the Auckland round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Currently it stands at 722,000.   Presenting the petition will be the centrepiece for the Auckland action on the Day of Action Against the TPP on Saturday 8 December.    Sign One Million to Stop the Corporate Death Star at :http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_the_corporate_death_star/?vc