Digital Trade Rules

Understanding the Racial Justice and Jobs Implications in the Northwest

Wednesday November 18 • 2:30pm Pacific




Rules to govern the digital economy are being negotiated at this very moment within a number of potentially template-setting new trade agreements. These rules are often presented simply as a means of helping small- and medium-sized businesses reach customers over the Internet, when in reality, they are being driven by some of the biggest corporations on the planet and are one of the top goals of corporate lobbyists.  The implications of these rules are far reaching.


Please join us for an online briefing exploring the different ways digital trade rules could affect your organization’s membership. We’ll hear from:


Jennifer Lee. Jennifer is the Technology & Liberty Manager at the ACLU of Washington, where she advocates for state and local legislation to regulate powerful surveillance and AI-based technologies. She leads ACLU-WA’s work pushing for and implementing community-focused policies related to technology, privacy, and civil liberties. A key focus of her work is organizing a tech coalition that centers race equity and the voices of historically marginalized communities. She is working with researchers, activists, and technologists to develop community capacity-building countersurveillance and AI policy toolkits.

Brianna Auffray. Brianna Auffray is the Legal and Policy Manager at CAIR Washington. She specializes in using creative legal and grassroots advocacy solutions to represent discriminated individuals and address systematic issues facing the American Muslim community including: racial profiling, police misconduct, hate crimes, national security and travel issues, and employment discrimination.

Hillary Haden. Hillary is the Director of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition where she works with Washington Fair Trade’s 65 member organizations to push for trade policies that benefit people and the planet.


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This event is sponsored by Washington Fair Trade Coalition, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, and Trade Justice Education Fund.


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