April 18th Day of Action for stopping Fast Track could not have been at a better time. With four successful canvasses (Everett, South Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia) and one rowdy Ferndale rally, Washington State stood in solidarity with many across the country who oppose this Fast Track to bad trade policy!

Since the canvassing, there has been a ton of momentum! A broad coalition of Washington State organizations, including labor, environmental, food and small business interests circulated a sign on letter. Over 100 organizations signed.

You can find more information on the Washington sign on letter here!

On top of that, today the Citizens Trade Campaign released its national sign on letter that many Washington organizations also signed on to. This letter has an impressive 2,009 organizations saying no to Fast Track. The variety of folks on the letter is astonishing and cares care of any concern that labor are the only people opposing this new (and still awful!) free trade policy.

Friends of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition have made visits to several of the reps offices, delivering constituent postcards opposing Fast Track. These have been incredibly helpful and let us know that continuing to pressure the Washington Congressional delegation daily is necessary to win this thing!


Please take a moment to thank Representative Jim McDermott for opposing the Fast Track bill during its markup in the Ways and Means Committee of the house.

More information on his opposition and how to thank Rep. McDermott can be found here

We are moving in to the most important recess so far in this fight for fair trade! Every day we will be acting on the representatives to get them to vote no on Fast Track, as a vote will most likely be waiting for them right when they get back to DC.

If you would like to be involved in any action in your area, please contact Gillian at *206* *227* *3079*