USTR Ron Kirk readies to host the 12th Round of negotiations of the TransPacific Free Trade Agreement (otherwise known as TPP) in his hometown of Dallas, TX where he was the former mayor.

Over 600 corporations will be at the negotiating table-while the rest of us have yet to see even a draft of the negotiations.

Therefore trade justice activists across the country are calling for negotiators to release the draft agreement and stop the secrecy of the TPP.

Already over 2200 people have signed a petition calling for transparency-add your voice to this call!

How to:
1) Please go Click here and sign the petition.
2) Forward this message to your members, friends and family and encourage them to sign the petition.
3) Use conferences, meetings, events and other opportunities to get more signatures.

Our shared goal is 10,000 signatures to be delivered on May 8th when the TP-FTA negotiations open in Dallas.  Please sign now!