As WA State’s Congressional Delegation (Republicans and Democrats) gather to celebrate voting on free trade policies that support corporations and off-shore more jobs, the 99% intervene!

Seattle, WA: The Washington Council on International Trade and the WA State Congressional Delegation gathered with big business in WA State to map out a future of trade policy that continues to benefit the 1%. Panelists include CEOs of corporations that help multinationals such as Coca Cola, Barclays Bank, Delta Airlines, AT&T and FedEx Canada continue to use US trade laws to maximize profits while driving down labor standards and further de-regulate financial institutions. The final panel showed the collusion of our elected leaders in this process with Rep. McDermott, Smith, Larsen and Reichert speaking on the future of free trade in WA State.

Fair trade activists disrupted this panel, taking the microphone shaming Reps. McDermott, Smith and Larsen for their votes in favor of Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia. Before security carried out the disrupters, they were able to call out our elected leaders for ignoring the loss of jobs and environmental degradation caused by their votes on behalf of the 1%.