In the midst of a painful budget crisis with massive cuts to education, health care and basic social programs, people losing their homes and their jobs, Congress is actually moving forward with 3 Bush-era Free Trade Deals, with Korea, Panama, and Colombia!

Along with off-shoring living wage jobs in WA State, these agreements support sweatshops in North Korea, environmental and community exploitation in Colombia and corporate tax havens in Panama.

WA State does not need further undoing of our economy and damage to our communities through bad trade policy.

Rep. McDermott and the WA Congressional delegation needs to Vote No! on all pending Free Trade Deals and support trade policy that:

  • Enforces workers rights under International Labor Organization Conventions
  • Develops sustainable industries and farms in the US and the countries in which we trade
  • Stops giving our tax dollars to US corporations that continue to off-shoring jobs and dodge paying taxes.
  • Respects environmental laws and public health standards in the US and in the countries where we do business

Call Rep. McDermott 206.553.7170 in district or post on his facebook wall:!/CongressmanJimMcDermott

Tell him to vote NO! on all pending Free Trade Deals!