On May 11, International Fair Trade Day, days prior to the opening of the 17th Round of the TPP in Lima, Peru (May 15th-24th) TPPxBorder calls on the 99% who are harmed by corporate globalization to oppose the TPP in their community. Here is why you need to organize a People’s Assembly Resisting the TPP or join one in your community.

• The TPP undermines access to fundamental medicines by extending monopoly protections for Big Pharma
• The TPP empowers corporations to sue governments for environmental and health measures they do not like
• The TPP restricts Internet innovation and increases the surveillance of online interactions
• The TPP undermines Indigenous rights and human rights
• The TPP creates a race to the bottom on working conditions, environmental standards and all kinds of public regulations
• The TPP prioritizes large-scale corporate agriculture (GMOs, antibiotics, etc) over sustainable local farming

Trans-national community resistance put a freeze on the WTO. It stopped the Free Trade Area of the Americas. It can stop the TPP. Visit TPPxBorder.org for information about May 11th People’s Assemblies.

In WA State our goal is to have People’s Assemblies in Bellingham, Olympia, Seattle & Spokane…want to co-organize a People’s Assembly in one of these areas or in your own community? Contact kristen@washingtonfairtrade.org